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AQUAbibe Support

AQUAbibe Support

Frequently Asked Questions

→ How do I choose the right AQUAbibe Watermaker for my boat?

Before you choose the right AQUAbibe Watermaker, you need to evaluate the following influencing factors:

- Which power source you have on your boat to operate the Watermaker? (DC or AC?)
- Where are you operating your boat normally? (Coastal or blue water operation?)
- What is the size of your fresh water tank in the boat. How quickly are you currently using up this water tank? Keep in mind, that as soon as you have a watermaker, you will consume more water than before, because the water is “just” there.

Depending on the answers we can support you to find the best AQUAbibe Watermaker for your boat.

→ Where do I install the watermaker on my boat?

With the modular set up of our AQUAbibe Watermakers you have got the highest flexibility to install it on your boat.

There are almost no limitations, except that you need to have an available seacock at the lowest possible location in the hull, because you should make sure, that the low pressure pump is always supplied with seawater without any air bubbles, because air can damage your membranes and also your high pressure pump. In the best case the low pressure pump should be mounted below the water line.

Another important topic is, that you should try to keep your low and high pressure hoses as short as possible, because too long hoses will increase the required energy consumption.

→ What power supply do I need?

Our AQUAbibe Watermakers are operated at AC 220 V/50Hz for the high pressure pump and DC 12 V for the low pressure pump.

Our Watermakers are designed to be operated with small generators like the widely used Honda EU22i (or previously the Honda EU 2000i). With this generator you can easily operate your AQUAbibe Watermakers and charge your batteries at the same time. We have also operated our AQUAbibe watermakers with battery power on an inverter like the VictronEnergy Phoenix 3000 Smart 12/3000. In combination with Lithium batteries you can operate our AQUAbibe watermaker as well.

AQUAbibe Support

Do you have any other questions?

In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly on our Contact page.

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